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Can this be charged and used without cord?

Hello, this is a wired car vacuum cleaner, which needs to be connected to the cigarette lighter power supply, I hope it can help you, thank you!

By Bondidea SELLER on November 5, 2020

How about using this small vac to pick up small messes on the desk?

It‘s a good choice, this vacuum is designed for the cleaning of small areas.

By wioucn on August 14, 2020

What about its suction?

This tiny vacuum has a suction of7KPa, it is enough for cleaning of crumbs in small spaces or crevices.

How.would it be with dust?

It works great just learn how to use your item first. It has a pick up (suction) option on one end then a blower on the other end so you can blow dust into a corner then suck it up. It’s not going to work on a construction dust but a little everyday dust should work. I use it everyday in my bathroom to suck up my hair after a blow dry and it works like magic. I love this item. Have one in each bathroom now. husband uses it clean his sink after shaving with a dry sink of course

How do you know when it's time to empty out the trash/soil from this vacuum? Is there an indicator?

There is not an indicator but you should have a general idea as the vacuum isn't very big

how long does the cordless run?

It can run for 15 minutes after being fully charged.

Is the usb cable with a type-c interface?


Could you use this to vacuum out dust and lint from the bobbin area of a sewing machine?

It would be easy to suck dust and lint if the machine reach the place, we would recommend you can try it with brush one.

Is it safe to dust my Tv or will it scratch?

This is a very gentle but strong VAC...it has a soft bristled brush attachment... I don't think it will scratch any thing... I have used this unit to clean around keyboards DVD Drives etc. it works well...remember this is a light duty unit

Can I use this to clean up the ask around my fire place?

The vacumn has a rather small capacity, it is probably not your best option for heavy duty jobs.

How can you tell if it charging and when it is fully charged? I don't see an indicator anywhere. Thank you!

The indicator for charging is a small light located on the on/off switch. Green indicates that the unit is fully charged

How loud is this handheld?

Hard to describe, about as loud as a blender I would say. Hope that helps put it in perspective

How can we get a replacement usb charge cord?

it's a standard USC-C Charge cord, the norm now as opposed to the old micro-USB cords